Resources for Therapists

Whether you practice in a clinic, a school, or kids’ homes, the life of a pediatric therapist is a hectic one.

Most of us have cars with trunks full of therapy supplies rolling around and big bags of putty, beanbags, and balls weighing us down at any given moment.  The one thing we don’t have?  Time.

Between documentation, evaluation-writing, billing, and meetings we often don’t have a moment free throughout the day to plan our next session or to create the handouts and resources for parents that are so important to our practice.

Sound familiar?  You’ve come to the right place!  Below, you’ll find all of our favorite resources for pediatric therapists.  From strategies and tips to fun activity ideas to awesome products that will support your day-to-day therapy practice – we’ve got you covered!

Resources for Therapists

Information and Strategies

Handwriting for Kids: Hints, Tips, and Strategies

What Are Push-In Therapy Services?

Alternative Seating for the Classroom

Introducing Fidget Tools in the Classroom

Toe Walking: What Causes it and How You Can Help Your Child

A Pediatric Physical Therapist Explores W-Sitting

The ABCs of Child Development

Developmental Milestones: Ages 0-5

Inclusion: How to Provide OT Services in the Classroom

Circle Time Tips and Strategies

DIY Fidget Tools

10 Tips and Tricks for Waiting and Walking in Line at School

Creative Core Exercises and DIY Therapy Materials

Activities and Skill Development

Classroom Centers Ideas for Motor Skills

Hand Strength: 35 Fun Activities for Kids

Core Strengthening Exercises for Kids

Teaching Kids to Use Scissors: Creative Cutting Practice for Kids

10 Great Balance Activities for Kids

10 Board Games to Turn into Handwriting Games

30 Games and Activities for Self-Regulation

Helping Kids Learn to Climb Stairs Safely

10 Days to Conquer Series: Help Your Child Conquer a Developmental Skill, Day by Day

Teaching Kids How to Tie Their Shoes

Teaching Kids How to Complete Clothing Fasteners

Learning How to Open Food Packages

Teaching Your Child How to Jump Rope

Learning How to Jump

Learning to Walk

Group Activities for Kids

Hallway Games for Waiting

Card Games to Promote Movement

Gross Motor Apps

Occupational Therapy Apps

How to Use a Body Sock With Kids

Using a Yoga Mat to Create Simple Activities for Kids

How to Use a Foam Roller With Kids

10 Awesome Scooter Activities for Kids

Playground Games and Activities for Kids

Creative Indoor Recess Games

Products for Therapists

The Best Therapy Games for Kids

10 Board Games to Turn into Handwriting Games

25 Occupational & Physical Therapy Supplies to Start the School Year Right

Webinar – Pushing into the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Pediatric Therapists

The Infant & Toddler Handbook (ebook)

Printable Developmental Milestones Pack

The Hand Strengthening Handbook (ebook)

The Core Strengthening Handbook

The Core Strengthening Exercise Program (digital download)

Printable Pack of Child Development Handouts

Printable Therapy Planner (digital download)

Webinar – Creative Pediatric Treatment Strategies Based on the Evidence

Wiggle Worms – A Guide to Alternative Seating for the Classroom (ebook)

Sensory Processing 101

Summer Home Activities Printable Packet (digital download)