Speech Therapy Available Anywhere

“To connect clients to the best clinicians by using innovative and flexible technology in order to ensure access to high quality therapeutic services.”

Teletherapy services are therapy services delivered face to face via secure, live, online video sessions.

Telepractice is used to overcome barriers of access to services due to distance and unavailability of providers and specialists, easily linking clinician to client.
Services delivered via telepractice include assessment, intervention, and consultation.

Why use telepractice?

What equipment is needed for telepractice?

Simple, mobile technology already used in most sites. Key components include:

Services unique to Kinetic Pediatric Therapy:

Kinetic is therapist owned and based in North Carolina. Tele Practice Services include speech therapy….. using the latest technology to provide the highest quality of care. We also have an onsite rehabilitation facilities in Greenville, NC that provide comprehensive therapy services to all ages and needs.

For a free demonstration from the comfort of your office or most anywhere, complete the contact us box or email info@kptkids.com